Moustache Spectacle Stand

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The Moustache Spectacle Stand is the ideal way to keep a pair of glasses safe. The Tash Spec Stand is carved in India out of Shesham Wood with a black painted moustache and will fit most styles of glasses and sunglasses. It measures approximately 16 x 13 x 6.5cm.

Shesham Wood is part of the Rosewood family. It is durable and fast-growing, reaching maturity in 15-20 years (compared to 80-90 years for hardwoods like teak, and 7-10 years for soft woods). As these Fair Trade Nose Glasses Holders are individually hand carved the colour and grain may vary from the picture. (Glasses for illustration only not included).

A variation of the Original Spectacle Stand 'ideal for the distinguished Gentleman!' Why not pair up with the Tash Socks?

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