About Us

Welcome to fair2all. fair2all sells ethical, sustainable fair trade products in Ashby de la Zouch. We care about our planet and want to offer customers the opportunity to buy quality items that have given producers the dignity of earning a living with minimal impact on the environment.

You can buy a unique handmade card made in Bangladesh, an upcycled bike chain bottle rack made in India or a reclaimed teak photo frame made in Thailand. All these things enable people to school their children, invest in their community – or even build a toilet.

At fair2all’s retail shop we are supporting people who want to make a difference by offering fair trade items on a stall in their school, community group or church. Alternatively people can support fair trade by collecting orders from their friends and work colleagues; we can host evening group visits to the shop. If you too would like to make a difference by offering fair trade items for sale in your community, please contact us.

fair2all aims to make fair trade products available to all who want to make a difference through their purchasing power. But more than anything we want you to enjoy browsing our online shop. We want to give you an opportunity to appreciate the variety of products and admire the skills of those who created the unique items we have the privilege of offering for sale.

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