Handmade Green Lokta Paper Mini Notebook

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This mini Eco-friendly light Green and gold pattern Notebook is handmade from Lokta paper. It measures 7x5cm and has approximately 80 pages.

Lokta paper is made in Nepal from the fibrous inner bark of the bush named Daphne Papyrus, which only grows at an altitude of 6500ft or above in the Himalayas. Every single sheet of paper is handmade by a cupful of lokta pulp being added to wooden/mesh frames. Once the pulp has been hand circulated, the frame is gently lifted to ensure even distribution; ensuring amazing accuracy can be achieved by the skilled artisan.

The paper is dried in the sun, dyed using century old techniques using natural dyes. A little gem of Notebook that can be tucked easily into a bag or pocket. Is also available with Blue and gold pattern cover - on left in image. Key for size guidance, not included.

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