Owl Tree of Life set of 4 Carved Wood Coasters in Holder

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The Owl Tree of Life design has been Hand Carved into each Coaster. They are kept tidy in Square uncarved Holder with slight embellishment around top edge . They have a natural finish. Although they are in a set, each coaster is unique so may vary slightly from others in the set and in the picture.

The Mango Wood comes from government plantations. It is Eco-friendly and sustainable as mango grows to maturity in approximately 7 - 10 years, which is much less than comparable hardwoods.

The unique design of the Owl in the Tree shows the amazing detail and workmanship that can be achieved by skilled artisans. The production of these hand carved coasters helps to preserve traditional skills. They are unique being handmade by a Fair Trade producer in India so will vary from illustrated.

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