Set of 6 Turquoise Aluminium Coasters in Holder

Set of 6 Turquoise Aluminium Coasters in Holder

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The rich lustrous Turquoise finish on these coasters is achieved by hand enamelling by skilled artisans. Each Coaster has an uncoloured rim (approximately 5mm wide) matching their plain Recycled Aluminium Holder.

This set of 6 coasters is fair trade and made from environmentally friendly Recycled aluminium. The holder has diameter of approximately 9cm and a depth of 3 cm. Each coaster measures 8cm dia. x 0.5cm deep. They are Food Safe but Hand washing is recommended.

The coasters are produced by a family business with a workforce of over 150 earning a fair wage which is at least equal to or above prevailing local rates. Men and women earn the same pay for the same job; sick pay is provided plus paid holidays and time off for festivals - an important part of life in India!

Please Note - actual colour is more a green Turquoise than the blue turquoise of photos. Wine glass for display only, not included. Please ask for more information if an exact shade is required.

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