P1130542-Top-of-Ivory-Advent-Candle-Names-of-Jesus-vertically-1-to-12-in-Gold-Star at-Top
Red-Advent-Candle-with-names-of-Jesus-and-numbers-1-to-25-in-gold-vertically-down-candle-with Share-the-Light-in-gold-at base-Gold-Star-at-top-folded-card-listing-Names-of-Jesus-Ivory-Advent-Candle-with-names-of-Jesus-and-numbers-1-to-25-in-gold-vertically-down-candle-with -Share-the-Light-in-gold-at base-Gold-Star-at-top
Ivory Name of Jesus Advent Candle and Card

Ivory Name of Jesus Advent Candle and Card

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Light up each day from 1 December with this red candle featuring 25 of the names given to Jesus in the Bible. It also has a star at the top and Share the Light at the base in gold.

Comes with a beautiful A5 card explaining the names on the candle.

One customer said "Thank you so much for the A5 card that accompanied this year's Names of Jesus advent candles - those at our church who were giving them to their children, godchildren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews etc were thrilled that the names were explained so clearly - a wonderful gift!"

Size: 300mm high x 22.5mm diameter

Also available in Red - same price and with card.

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