Cafedirect Intense Ground Coffee 227g
Cafedirect Intense Ground Coffee 227g

Cafedirect Intense Ground Coffee 227g

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This coffee is perfect when you’re in the mood for a darker coffee that packs a bit of a punch. A superior blend of African and Latin American beans, it’s an ideal balance of rich coffee flavours with a rounded toffee finish. A dark roast for a richer drinking experience.

Cafédirect believe things that are made better, taste better, and so build strong, long-term relationships with over 40 producer groups across Latin America, Asia, and Africa. These relationships are about more than just coffee – Cafédirect reinvest at least a third of their profits back into the farming communities, so every sip you take is a step towards the future of successful coffee farmers!

Strength - 5, Dark Roast

Packet contents -227g

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